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We've been thinking long & hard about how to approach this year's spring sale. Normally we have it in April for 3 days but with the loss of many shows, a TON of stock meant for those shows, & so many other setbacks we thought we'd try something different for these very different times.
Of course we'd love & appreciate any support we can get from those who are in a good position to do so, but for many of you we know this is too uncertain right now. So we decided to make this a 3 WEEK sale instead of three days in hopes to put less pressure on you and giving you plenty of time to think about it & let things play out.
Don't worry too much about missing out, if something sells out, we will keep making more & replenishing (MOST) things...because we have no where else to be & are so incredibly grateful that we can keep manufacturing right here in our back yard! I will continue to add new designs throughout the sale because that is how I personally will mentally survive this. We will ship every few days instead of everyday to cut down on trips to the post office.
Etsy shop sale will begin at noon tomorrow March 18th until midnight on April 8th with 15% Off & Free Domestic Shipping.
Unfortunately we will have to exclude some larger semiprecious pieces because stones were already difficult to get and now I can't even imagine. Larger Swarovski stones (like Buddha) may run out so I will offer to reserve one at the sale price if you're willing to wait for the stones to arrive.
I am a socialphobe, germaphobe, general anxious mess (and have underlying condition) already so self isolating was not at all hard for me to wrap my head around. We will stay busy creating & even if you can't participate in the sale, just know your "likes" & comments on Instagram mean the absolute world to me and completely fuel my creative energy & sense of hope so I truly love you all for that. Let's keep each other going with fun & creative distractions & of course a little dark humor is always welcomed and needed!

by Francene Yorko
Lead-free pewter jewelry & gifts​

Handcrafted in Maryland, USA

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